What is the value of my art piece?

What is the value of your art object?  What period does it date back to? What are its origins?  Can I restore it?   Can it be sold on the art market?  For answers to your questions and more, do get in touch with me.

Use the above form to send me details of your art object.  I shall revert promptly.

Free valuation

The estimate of the value of your piece of art is free.

You can contact me directly, use the above form to describe your object or send me a photo.  Remember to indicate the overall dimensions, height & width,  depth if it is a statue or furniture, or diameter if it bowl or vase. My email is

If I need more information I shall revert back to you.

For further information or to request an appointment, please call me on +33 (0)6 13 69 15 28

Valuation & sale

To sell your item it is important to estimate it at its right value.

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