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“L’esprit du geste”

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At a time of abundance of images and colors, Art tch’an (China) or sumi-e (Japan) whispers a quiet silence and offers in counterpoint a silent outline of beauty.

The art that I practice is free from any unnecessary excitement or agitation, just the evocation of a breath, of the still rustling of the trees, of the dull and majestic power of the high mountains.

In the sober art of black and white, this painting “speaks to us” of a discretion and does not seek to impose itself but to suggest. A discretion that revisits our inner silence.

This “art of the simple” is executed with black ink without any retouching, quickly after a time of meditation. The thousand-year-old rules have remained the same to this day: sobriety, liveliness, rhythm of the layout, representation of life until its quivering in everything.

Through my paintings, I seek to highlight the essential, the soul of things rather than the detail. I revisit in my own way one of the oldest and most pure styles of ink painting, leaving an important place to suggestion and empty spaces.

For more than 35 years, I have been faithful to this style of painting and continue to perfect my art during regular trips to China and Japan.

"L'esprit du geste"

Robert FAURE

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